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Californians for the Arts presents a series of interviews to highlight the impact of California artists and leaders as essential investors in their community. 



Steph Johnson named 2020 Woman of the Year by San Diego AssemblyMember Todd Gloria. ​

2019 Steph Johnson recognized as 'Woman of Distinction' by 78th Assembly District.

Steph Johnson turned the choir into a nonprofit and serves as both Executive Director and Creative Director.

She was named the 2020 Woman of the Year by San Diego Assembly member Todd Gloria:


“I am honored to name Steph Johnson the Woman of the Year for the 78th Assembly District.  Voices of Our City, the innovative program Steph co-created to harness the power of music to change lives, gives homeless men and women hope and a chance to connect with others. The choir not only provides an outlet for unsheltered San Diegans to participate in the uplifting benefits of music and creativity, but also serves as an access point to services. Voices of Our City has provided the perfect vehicle for dozens of choir members to get off the street and into permanent housing."



Winner of Best Jazz Album Award by San Diego Music Awards


2018 recognized as one of Freedoms Foundation's Top Community Contributors with a national George Washington Medal award.

Since 1949, Freedoms Foundation National Awards have recognized responsible citizens with our George Washington Honor Medal. More than 57,000 citizens have received this honor as exemplars of responsible citizenship whose daily actions embody our Bill of Responsibilities.

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Winner of San Diego Magazine's Songwriting Competition 

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