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New album 'So in Love' brings luxurious calm and warmth

20 years of pursuing music as a career, Johnson is feeling confident and ready to release her latest piece of work. A long journey of music creation, "So In Love" is a 10 song album created with her husband Rob Thorsen and pianist Josh Nelson, pianist from the late Natalie Cole band.

"So In Love" also features guitarist Anthony Wilson (Diana Krall), trumpeter and flugelhornist, Chris Lawrence (Melody Gardot) and drummer Richard Sellers.

Her fifth album encompasses her victory against a particularly virulent disease that had her bedridden for several months prior to the recording sessions in October 2019.

"In my life, I have experienced tremendous losses and spiritual fulfilment," she says. "To really embody these classic songs, you yourself as an artist need the experience of life - the ups and downs. There is grace and wisdom, when you get through it and look back. I have found peace in truly acceptancing who I am and what I have. When I listen back to the album, I can really hear all these things in my voice...I am not calculating my next phrase. I am in the moment, serving the song. I am singing in a way that I have not heard on my other albums before and I know that is because of who I have grown into."

"So In Love" is inspired by being in love with life, her passion, and some of the deep rooted love she feels for her husband - who is also featured on the album. This body of work has a classic feel, evoking the soul of a great jazz singer that is supported by a stellar line up and an incomparable pianist and arranger at the helm.

"I love all the songs on the album but I have to say that my personal favorite is the duet I performed with Josh (Nelson), "I Fall in Love Too Easily." It is so special to me...perhaps because what was expressed that day in the studio by both of us happened so organically. It really breathes and creates a sonic space that I could get lost in forever."

Steph suggests that if you wanted to create the best listening environment to experience this piece of work for the first time, you should definitely listen through great speakers or through a really nice pair of headphones. (She loves the noise canceling Bose headphones). Second, find yourself a spot to relax by water. Whether you're on a boat with a charcuterie board, looking at the ocean with friends, or cruising down the 101 with the windows down, this album is sure to inspire a luxurious stillness and warmth for your soul.

You can stream and listen to the album in its entirity at

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