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In a Time Of Uncertainty, We Are Here For You

Recently published in San Diego Union Tribune, Johnson conveys the message of security.

I am at home. I have my family. I have food in my fridge. I am safe. A message many can relate to in a time of uncertainty, and in a time when having shelter can mean your life.

Not every San Diegan can feel that same security during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Unfortunately, not every human can feel that security on a day to day basis.

Opening the convention center here in San Diego as a shelter for hundreds to practice social distancing is a small step in preventing the spread of the virus, and together make a permanent change in our city.

San Diego can now practice social distancing in a safe place where medics can supply those who need it. This includes three meals a day.

Voices of our City Choir has currently helped over 60 people get off of the street. During the pandemic alone, ten of their very own have found shelter using the convention center as a space to temporarily use as a home.

This time has also allowed Johnson to reflect and write. Also, it has influenced her writing. At the end of this video, you will hear a heartfelt message written long before the start of the pandemic or choir that shows what it's like to witness people suffering on the street.

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