Dear Nina

Dear Nina,

I always wanted the best for you. We had a spark together and it never dulled for me. The last time I saw you was the end of May. You randomly getting on the zoom call with choir made me SO happy! Just seeing you made me cry so many tears of joy. I just kept screaming your name. NINA Nina! :D I had missed you so much. I missed your love and Spirit. We all did...

And just two weeks later we are saying goodbye! This is so painful! Grief and shock and anger and tears.... It is so painful to know that we won't see you again. It is so painful to think you had any pain..

Nina, I keep praying that i will see you again smiling brightly, shining onto everyone...

Heaven is your beautiful home now, and your spirit is FREE!

I imagine you as an angel - omnipresent and expansive - freely loving everything from your new home. I bet the moment you saw and felt its reach you rejoiced and flowed back to its center, smiling all the way. Imagining you experiencing God and the exact moment your spirit reconnected with Source, makes me cry happy tears Nina! You shined this Divine light upon everyone so easily.

There is no doubt in my mind, God blessed us with you and now it is your turn to receive an endless supply of Love and Grace.

Forever yours, Steph

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