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A Change Is Gonna Come

We are celebrating the incredible spirit of Black America and marching with you during the ongoing fight for equality and justice! On Juneteenth, we shared this music video "A Change is Gonna Come" featuring Jehald and guitarist/arranger/director Steph Johnson of Voices of Our City Choir.

Special thanks to Taylor Guitars for the ongoing support!

We are manifesting a time in this world that you experience TRUE FREEDOM: That no matter where you live, or how you are dressed or look, that you will be able to walk down the street, go into a store, drive down the road, and LIVE your life without the fear of being perceived as a criminal or less than. You are BEAUTIFUL, and we hope that this song lifts your spirit, even if just a little, to keep the good fight going towards the day you experience true equality in America.

"Every day, we see in the headlines one lynching after another. It is so painful to see. It's here, right in front of us. The other night I was talking with my uncle, who was a Black Panther when he got out of Vietnam. He's even friends with activist and author Angela Davis. We were talking about the protests today and how they are different from the past...before, it was just black people protesting. But now we have alliances marching with us! White, Asian - so many different races. You can feel the common goal is that we all really want to do something about the racism black people face in America. We can feel a change IS going to come, and it is here." Jehlad said.

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